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Wendy Kozol’s The War In-Between

Another fine book by Wendy Kozol. “Against the fabric of suffering that unfolds around more spectacular injuries and deaths, The War In-Between studies visual depictions of banal, routine, or inscrutable aspects of militarized violence. Spaces of the in-between are both broader and much less visible than battlefields, even though struggles for survival arise out of the same conditions of structural violence. Visual artifacts includ­ing photographs, video, data visualizations, fabric art, and craft projects provide different vantage points on the quotidian impacts of militarism, whether it is the banality of everyday violence for non-combatants or the daily struggles of soldiers living with physical and emotional trauma.”

“The War In-Between proposes an entirely fresh approach to the endless wars of the 20th and 21st centuries, arguing for a feminist analysis of images of the ‘banal,’ ‘quotidian,’ and ‘unspectacular’ in the service of alternative visualities of survival in the brutal context of political violence.” –Caren Kaplan, author of Aerial Aftermaths: Wartime from Above

More information is at Fordham University Press. Hardcover, Kindle, and paperback also are at Amazon.com.