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  1. […] 1) Begin by writing a sentence or two that articulates the single argument for your slideshow. You may need to make some decisions here: which of your arguments will you pursue? Remember, an argument isn’t just a topic (media and addiction, for example). It’s a position that you want to convince someone of. [Think about the visual argument we looked at today. The author didn’t just bring up the ideas of war, of soldiers, of 9/11. He used strong images to convince us that President Bush was responsible for grave effects on soldiers, on Iraqis; that 9/11 is, as the title states, “a continuing tragedy.” Whether or not we agree with him, he is making a claim to a specific point of view, and is trying to convince us that he’s right.  If you want to look back at the visual argument we discussed, it’s here.] […]

  2. bhtre124 says

    So you’re saying that we invaded Iraq in order to get after the terrorists? WRONG. We entered Iraq in order to stop Saddam Hussein and his capacity to make Weapons of Mass Destruction, as well as his mass murders. That was in 2003. We entered Afghanistan in 2001 to go after the men responsible for the attacks, most notably Osama Bin Laden. From these invasions, we freed hundreds of people from oppressive governments, giving people freedom and happiness not seen in those countries in decades. People are able to live without fear of being shot and/or killed for speaking their minds. Bush is human. He has made his mistakes. However, he has kept the American people as safe and content as possible.

  3. ricardo says

    meen all of you guys are wrong 9/11 was bush fault he planned all this when he got interviwed and the first plane crach to the twin tower his body guard only told him about that plane so whn the media interviewed him he mentioned the 2nd plane that crashed in the twin tower where did he knew that the other plane had crashed hu??? thats when he burned himself and his body guard pulled him away fromthe media and bombs where hidden in the pipes of the bulidings they can not callaps how they did they had bombs inside the building it also was kinda strange dont u think cuz the twin towers have security securing the towers 24/7 why did the whol week before that happen the securities only worked 12 hours u tell me that was just to plannt the bombs and why where they trying to fix the bulidings and the water pipes that same week when securtiy wasnt working 24/7 come on we need to realize and focus more it was all bush fault and the governer

  4. says

    hell yeah america. may our military continue to fight valiantly across the globe in pursuit of freedom and democracy. i love my country with all of my heart and anyone who doesn’t support our brave men and women in the military can leave and go to france

  5. Michelle says

    Sorry, I just feel like someone has to say this….

    Ricardo, please do not try to prove your point about conspiracy theories unless you can do so with correct spelling and punctuation so that we may understand what you are saying.

    Years later, these images still hurt my heart to see. No matter what President we put in control, he is always one that asks other men and women to risk their lives to fulfill his plans. I was never a supporter of Bush, no matter how many publicity shots he took in Army fatigues. Isn’t this the same man that got a black eye from a pretzel?

    That said, I always have and always will support the men and women that fight daily for our freedom. One does not have to agree with war to agree to support the family member fighting it.

    Just one more thing…
    At what point did anyone say “we invaded Iraq to in order to get after the terrorists”? To which you replied that “we” were wrong, then went to admit that “we” were right. Do you not consider Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction to be terrorism?

    Terrorism, noun. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political reasons.

  6. These images bring back terrible thoughts of what happened to those poor innocent people that were in those buildings at the time of the cowardly attacks. It boggles my mind to how killing innocent people in a country that you might be angry at is going to help your cause. It’s the most savage yet idiotic action that a group like Al Queda could pull off. I feel total destruction of these terrorists groups is called for and Im glad that Australia has joined the fight in Afghanistan. For us here in Australia the Bali bombingswhere innocent Aussies at night clubs were killed has changed the way I feel and I would feel better if all these terrorist groups were all killed as savage as they kill other innocent people. Death to all those weak cowards and if I could join the military I would be there killing as many as I could. I have many family members in the military and they are all doing a fine job. These images are graphic but I use them fuel my hatred of these terrorists groups we shouldn’t let any more try and live in our country if they like their ways so much stay in your country and kill each other you bunch of idiots. Stand together as one or fall like dominos on your own.

  7. Canada says

    Does anyone else out there think ricardo’s grammar is purposefully attrocious to make fun of the type of mind that could entertain 9/11 conspiracies? I mean, no one’s that retarded – Not even people that can’t see 9/11 for exactly the terrorist act that it was; and not the socipathic, psychotic and evil machinations of a western democratic government murdering thousands of it’s own civilians to advance it’s own grand surreptitious agenda… Smarten up morons!!!

  8. Melissa says

    To the following comments previously made. Yes, 9/11 was a tradgic time for Americans and loved ones, no one likes to see destruction come to other people. But can anyone tell me what makes a terrorist? It is people who are poor, who have been undermined in the World. It is a fact that Westernised countries hold themselves higher than others, we value our lives more than others. So tell me that for the thousands of innocent people that are held and tortured unfairly in Guantanamo Bay, that an act of 9/11 can not be justified?

    It was a sign. That we took the power that was not ours to take. When I see the pictures shown above, I also have to look at the pictures that show the other story. The Middle Eastern story.
    go here. It’s not my point to prove that America is a bad country. But look what we’ve done to so many innocent people even though our own have been threatened.

    It’s time to wake up to ourselves really. You don’t have to agree. But God made men equal. So what makes us think that racism and hate of another country can be justified? Look for Osama Bin Laden, but when you find him, will you stop the War against our countries? We can’t force poor people to want to make peace with rich people. Like the playwrite Bertolt Brecht tried to prove in his play “The Exeption and the Rule”. If you dont back up any of your facts in your blogs. then you have no argument.

  9. tom terrific says

    Anyone who does not like this country can leave. As for Melissa, there is no justification for 9/11. Are you insane? Just because you may be from a poor nation or family, that does not give you or yours the right to kill innocent people. Do you think it’s OK to get kids to be suicide/homicide bombers, for some stupid cause?

  10. Anna says

    It doesn’t matter what makes a terriorist everything that happened was wrong and hard for America to come to grasps with… it doesn’t help that people are still lossing family and friends in the war

  11. jane says

    Bush W left us a mess. Bush W was almost as bad as the 9/11 attack by the terrorists.
    It is one thing to get attacked by terrorists from outside our country, but to get ravaged by our own President, as we were by Bush W, is unacceptable and unbelievable. Bush W skipped his National Guard meetings while Gore and Kerry both were actually In Vietnam. Maybe if Bush W had gone to Vietnam instead of dodging it, he might have had a little insight into war and he may have listened to those Generals who cautioned him and were opposed in intervention in Iraq.

  12. tiffany says

    Honestly, no one knows the truth about 9/11 was bush behind it. I personally don’t think so but like I said no one knows the truth except for God. We shouldn’t think about this as a blame game and argue it’s happened already there is nothing we can do about it, it’s horrrible that we can’t but that’s life. Listen to yourselfs you guys are arguing about who’s fault 9/11 was. It doesn’t matter anymore cause it happened. If anything we all need to be one, we are all one, we all need to stick together, and stand up for our country. We can’t let ANYBODY see us get weak. instead of arguing about who did what argue about what were going to do to those towelhead terrorist once we get them because I know if I was ever to my hands on one. He would wish he’d never join Al queda. In other words I f***ing murder his ass.
    Yeah I know I’d stoop to there level but he deserved every bit of it.

  13. New York says

    I would just like to add to this discussion. I have no intention of saying anyone is wrong, but maybe its better that people hear from a different perspective. I was 11 years old and living in New York City when the twin towers were attacked. I was in science class and a young lady was getting a scale from our teacher when she suddenly dropped the scale and pointed out the window. Now the public schools in new york have huge wide windows that were open to let the breeze in. There was 10 of us in class that day that turned towards the window and saw the first plane hit. We all stood up and none of us moved after that. We stared as the second plane hit and both buildings collapsed. We were 11 years old and half my class had family that worked in the city and the other half parents were Emt , firefighters and officers. I remember exactly how many parents survived 9/11 in my class. My mom and 1 other parent. Out of 10 of us in the class. I will never forget the debri the came into the open window, or running to our luchroom with 400 other panicking students not to mention phones and fire alarms going off. Running outside to try and catch a bus or train to get home. Seeing people flying off the buildings and landing to their deaths or seeing so many of my family that worked in the city covered in debri and their faces smeared from the tears. So my thought exactly on this conversation is that we dont need a president who is going to stand by and just let this happen, but to have a president who will never let this happen again. To make sure that every kid doesnt wake up screaming in the middle of the night to make the fire go out.

  14. Rani says

    I honestly think that this is one of God’s test. How this tradegy will impact our lives and changes the way we feel about our enemies. Fighting does not solve anything. Fighting them back will not bring the lives that were lost. We as one should stand proudly and not cowardly toward our enemy. Forgive is the key, and we must not seek for revenge. For what had happened on 9/11 cannot be forgotten but we should also learn from it. To realize that our society is dangerous place and no one is safe. We can only protect each other and stand up, and never show fear in our eyes.

  15. Laura J says

    Your essay here is very provocative and you have selected meaningful pictures. However, your bias is very visible. If you want to really engage in journalism, you would be well served to post equally graphic photos of people harmed by Islamic extremists and 9-11 casualties. (Falling Man, Stoned Afghan Woman). More importantly, you link unrelated events without showing a valid connection (9-11, terrorism, Iraq). If I was your prof I would give you a “D – inflammatory and without logic”. Hope you have improved.

  16. Hariman says

    Laura: Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and was neither governed by nor harboring Islamic extremists–there is no “valid connection,” as you seem to acknowledge. There is a very real connection, however, between 9/11 and the devastation caused by the invasion of Iraq, because the attack on 9/11 was used by the Bush administration as a pretext for the invasion. Why, then, do you believe that we should not illustrate that tragedy?

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