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Terrorism: Ya' Gotta See It To Beat It

The Big Picture has put together an awesome display of images that show how Beijing is preparing to secure the Olympics against terrorism while using the latest technology.  

But, of course, with terrorists we know that the problem is you can’t always recognize them … and that is no small problem in China these days, as this daytime photograph of one of Beijing’s main avenues from the Guardian reveals:

Photo Credits:  Xinhua/Fan Changguo/AP Photo; Reinhard Krause/Reuters


Terrorism: Ya' Gotta See It To Beat It


2 Responses

  1. bob wong says

    I wish the world would stop lumping just about all nasty things under the heading terrorism. Those cops look like they would be pretty good at inflicting terror on just about anyone.

  2. This picture was actually on the cover of swedens biggest morningpaper today. I’m actually amazed that your website is ahead of it, or am i surprised that they are so slow?

    The chinese antiterror-bulk is impressive and I’m most puzzled about the logistics and traininglevel of the 100.000(!) persons serving.

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