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Grant Opportunities: Shpilman Institute for Photography

The Shpilman Institute for Photography (The SIP) has announced two calls for papers for its 2011 Grants Program. The first is devoted specifically to research in philosophy and photography; the second is a general call for research in the field of photography. The SIP invites scholars and independent researchers from all over the world to submit their applications through its website, where guidelines, themes, the application process, and submissions can be found. Grants for individuals and group research will range from US $5,000 up to $15,000. The deadline is March 1, 2011.

Academic faculty at accredited institutions of higher education, currently enrolled Ph.D. candidates, previously published independent scholars, photographic practitioners, and research-oriented curators are invited to apply. Grants are based on proposals for research leading to the completion within the grant period of a written document, whether an essay or extended research paper, showing deep consideration and thorough, original research on the selected topic.

The SIP, founded by Shalom Shpilman in 2010, is a research institute whose mission is to initiate and support innovative scholarly work that will advance the understanding of the varied meanings, functions, and significance of photography and related media. Through its grant programs,The SIP commissions and sponsors individual and group research projects, with an emphasis on philosophical concerns, including scholarly papers and publications in print and online, conferences, symposia, and other events.


Grant Opportunities: Shpilman Institute for Photography


3 Responses

  1. Matt says

    Unfortunately, the “grants” they offer are also rights grabs for the work of recipients. I’ve received several grants from other sources, and none have tried to lay claim to the intellectual property rights related to my work. Read the fine print if you plan to apply.

  2. Hariman says

    Matt: Thanks for the heads-up about the organization. We don’t have time to screen everything we relay, so reader comments such as yours are particularly helpful.

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