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Sight Gag: “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been … a Muslim?”

Credit: John Sherffius

Sight Gags” is our weekly nod to the ironic, satiric, parodic, and carnivalesque performances that are an important part of a vibrant democratic public culture.  These “gags” may not always be funny or represent a familiar point of view, but they attempt to cut through the lies, hypocrisy, shamelessness, stupidity, complacency, and other vices of democratic life.  We typically will not comment beyond offering an identifying label, leaving the images to “speak” for themselves as much as possible.  Of course, we invite you to comment … and to send us images that you think might deserve a laugh or at least a wry and rueful look.



Sight Gag: “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been … a Muslim?”


4 Responses

  1. Lucaites says

    Moron: I’m not sure I get your point. Are you saying that because one renegade Muslim group attacked the U.S. that we should endorse a witch hunt against all believers in Islam?

  2. Hariman says

    Anonymous: If you are so smart, why not use your own name?
    But, OK, let’s look at the numbers. Deaths from Islamic extremist terrorist groups: 2977, all by one organization. Deaths by other Islamic organizations: zero. And which of these are being investigated by Kings’ committee?
    After the Oklahoma City bombing, did you call for investigation of American conservatives? After assassinations and bombings by the Army of God and other Christian terrorist groups, did you call for investigation of the YMCA? If not, could you please explain the higher logic in your position? Just keep it simple enough so that a moron could get it.

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