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Under the Weather (#3)

We had hoped to be back this week, but too many travels and the seasonal flu have us under the weather and so we will take another week off.  We will be back on December 3.  But in the meantime we hope to offer pictures of the planet, which is also under the weather.  We trust that no captions will be needed, but of course we invite and encourage your comments.

Photo Credit: Argentina’s Upsala Glacier, Top Photo – Unknown, Bottom Photo – Gary Braasch

Photo Credit: David Brashears, West Rongbuk Glacier and Mt. Everest, 1909 v. 2009.  See also here.


Under the Weather (#3)


2 Responses

  1. Blake Andrews says

    This is not in Argentina. This is Mt. Hood in Oregon. The two photos make a fun comparison but also a misleading one because the top photo is shot in Spring after winter snows, and the bottom photo is shot in late Summer when the mountain is relatively barren. Yes, climate change is a huge problem. But using photographs inaccurately like this is not helpful in seeking solutions.

  2. Lucaites says

    Blake: Thanks for writing. How exactly do you know that this is Mt. Hood and not Upsala Glacier? That is not how it was identified at the website from which I found it and I will try to confirm that. But even if you are right that this is a bad comparison it doesn’t mitigate the fact that glacier melts are a fact and that there is plenty of other visual comparisons to draw from, as the second set of photos I posted and documented here.

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