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International Migrants Day: To the Unknown Migrant

“To the Unknown Migrant”
International Migrants Day, December 18
Deadline: Friday, December 7, 2012

The Immigrant Movement International is inviting migrants, artists, academics, activists, and concerned individuals across the globe to commemorate International Migrants Day at 2:00 pm (your local time) by developing monuments (ephemeral, permanent, sculpture, action, sound, visual, performance, dance and other) at sites where the role of migrants in history and society have been ignored, erased, distorted, abused and forgotten. “To the Unknown Migrant” will be a worldwide collective reinterpretation of the politics and history of migration, testifying that the unfair treatment of migrants today will be our dishonor tomorrow.

We invite you to participate and encourage you to spread the word. This open call will accept all submitted projects. The deadline to be included in our website is Friday, December 7, 2012. Please send an email to with “To the Unknown Migrant” as the subject line and attach the following:

1 Word document that includes:
Name of participant(s) / Name of the group
Contact Information
Location of project (Specific Site, City, Country)
Project description (250 word max)
Links/URLs for participant websites
1 image that represents your project, if applicable:
File must be in JPG format
1000 pixels on the longest side

Following December 18,  please send us the documentation of your “To the Unknown Migrant” monument so that it can be added to the IM International website archive.

Looking forward to your creativity.

Un abrazo,
The Immigrant Movement International Team

(And sorry for the last minute notice at NCN, but we’ll hope late is better than never.)


International Migrants Day: To the Unknown Migrant


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