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Mass Production at the FORMAT International Festival of Photography

LR Ian Teh 1803-24b

The FORMAT International Photography Festival, Derby, UK, will run from March 8 – April 7, 2013.  The largest photography festival in the UK, FORMAT will include over 80 exhibitions, all curated under the theme of FACTORY: Mass Production. The theme is a celebration of Derby’s UNESCO World Heritage status as the birth place of the mass production.

The exhibitions feature photographers from over 30 countries.  These exhibitions are sourced in two ways: FOCUS, which are larger scale exhibitions with photography from artists and collectives invited to take part, and EXPOSURE, which is a selection of exhibitions chosen from an open submission process.

You can sample the work for each of the exhibitors at the links above.  As you will see, the range of subjects and perspectives is impressive.

Photograph by Ian Teh, from the series ‘Dark Clouds’ © Ian Teh/Courtesy of FORMAT International Photography Festival.


Mass Production at the FORMAT International Festival of Photography


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