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Art, Domestic Space, and Theoretical Archaeology

OK, this is a mash-up.  There are two events this weekend that we didn’t publicize earlier, so they are being posted together.  First, Photoworks in the UK is putting up the House 2013 exhibition at sites around Brighton.  This year’s theme is Art and Domestic Space.  To get a sense of the imaginative range, consider that the exhibition includes this photo.


You can read more about the event, artists, and venues here.  The exhibition runs from May 4 through May 26.

For those in the Chicago area, the Theoretical Archaeology Group is hosting a conference this May 9-11 at the University of Chicago.  The conference theme is Vision, which the paper call defined as including (but not being limited to):

•vision as dream: from its Latin root, visionem – things seen in dreams, the imagination, the supernatural
•vision as sense: the phenomenology of sight and the place of art, aesthetics, and contemporary architectural theory in archaeological contexts
•vision as power and domination: surveillance, panopticons, and legibility
•vision as time and intention: planning, futures, utopias, millennial movements, and the forecasts of the past
•vision as method: the rapidly changing visual methods of archaeology through computer technology and imaging and the ways these methods are transforming epistemology

To see where that lead, you can download the program and abstracts here.  Conference details are here.

Photograph by Mariele Neudecker.


Art, Domestic Space, and Theoretical Archaeology


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