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Call for Papers: What Is Documentary?

Lange, Manzanar flag

April 24-26, 2014

Documentaries continue to play important roles in defining, exposing, and transforming social realities. Today, we are witnessing an explosion of documentary making enabled by new digital production and distribution technologies, even as traditional news media may seem compromised and in decline.

We will gather at the University of Oregon’s Portland campus from April 24-26, 2014, to explore the past, present and future of documentary in all its forms. The conference will feature a unique coalescing of media scholars and students, media professionals, independent media producers, government and community officials, as well as interested community groups and the public. The event will feature keynote speakers, roundtables, paper presentations, and screenings, in an attempt to answer questions about the changing nature of documentary.

We welcome proposals that address any and all forms of documentary – film, video, radio, audio, photography, print, digital media, online, etc.

Send 250-word proposals by October 1, 2013, to:
Janet Wasko (jwasko@uoregon.edu) or Gabriela Martinez (gmartine@uoregon.edu)
School of Journalism and Communication
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97405, USA

Photograph by Dorothea Lange, “Dust storm at this War Relocation Authority center where evacuees of Japanese ancestry are spending the duration” (Manzanar, CA, July 3, 1942. 210-G-10C-839 [http://www.archives.gov/research/ww2/photos/#home]).  


Call for Papers: What Is Documentary?


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