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NCN Takes a Working Holiday


We’ll be immersed in traveling and other obligations for the next two weeks, to return on December 2.  In the meantime, you might try to guess what these guys are doing.  First one to get it right will receive a year’s free subscription to nocaptionneeded.com.

Photograph by Francois Xavier Marit/AFP-Getty Images.  We’ll update with the correct answer when we return.

Update: The photo is of competitors in the men’s 10-meter synchro platform preliminary diving event in the FINA World Championships at the Piscina Municipal de Montjuic in Barcelona, July 21, 2013.


NCN Takes a Working Holiday


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  1. WD Markle says

    This is so easy. Thinking of a recent NYT piece, November 27, 2013
    With Glut of Lonely Men, China Has an Approved Outlet for Unrequited Lust

    This is a picture of some innovative Chinese solution to … something.

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