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PRO Photographer App Trial Offer

There’s a new app in town, and it’s got a lot of sauce.  Full disclosure: NCN is one of the not so secret ingredients, along with features from other blogs and bloggers and much more as well.  The press release is below, along with a one-month free subscription for NCN readers.  We’re happy to be involved, and hope you will give it a try.

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Introducing a new media hub for the connected photographer: PRO Photographer, an app released this week for iPad, iPhone and Android phones, represents a game-change in the presentation of content, bringing together for the first time premium magazine articles and live, curated news feeds. It allows photographers to browse in-depth features on the craft and business of photography while keeping up with a best of the blogosphere in one free app.

“As solo creatives and business-owners, professional photographers are always scratching for inspiration; it’s their stock-in-trade,” says James Frankham, publisher of PRO Photographer and himself a professional photographer since 1998. “But while the internet is awash in great imagery and helpful ideas, photographers don’t have the time to sift through it all. This app does that for you, featuring the opinion-leaders in the world of photography and sensational content to gnaw on, all in one place.”

On iOS and Android phones the PRO Photographer app offers expertly curated, free news content syndicated from PetaPixel, Feature Shoot, Wonderful Machine, PhotoShelter, Conscientious Photography Magazine, Unless You Will and more.

The free iPad app goes a step further. In addition to the daily news feed, it features new product announcements from leading photography brands and premium content from PRO Photographer magazine (unlocked with an in-app purchase) including long-form articles, exclusive galleries and videos from the world of photography past and present.

And in the latest issue, the future also: Celebrated blogger and academic Jorg Colberg investigates the changing landscape of digital imagery, the move from the press to the screen, and the burgeoning opportunities for photographers ready to exploit both. PRO interviews Cristina De Middel on the Zambian space race and the nature of truth, and we go aboard a foiling AC72 in San Francisco to witness the imaging technology arms race that ultimately decided the outcome of the 34th America’s Cup. GoPro cameras were mounted on hulls to analyse the performance of hydrofoils and 800mm lenses aimed at the competition in a game of spy-versus-spy where small observations created the big gains required to win the oldest trophy in international sport.

From articles on the craft of photography to deconstructions of complex studio shots and discussion of the ongoing challenges of professional practice, this is an app relevant to every pro.

Special offer for No Caption Needed followers: free one-month subscription to PRO Photographer premium content in the iPad app. Within a feature article, select LOGIN and enter NoCaptionNeeded in the surname field and subnumber 11526113 to gain full access to the latest issue. This is not an auto-renewing subscription, you will not be charged. If you like what you see, subscriptions can be renewed after the trial period using your iTunes account from within the app.

iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/app/pro-photographer-for-ipad/id675858687
iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/app/pro-photographer/id662782098

• Free app
• Updated daily
• Includes syndicated stories, images and video clips of interest to photographers from dozens of publishers and content providers
• iPad app also includes premium content features fresh from the leading PRO Photographer magazine (activate with an in-app purchase) and free new product announcements
• Browse all stories from an index page
• Swipe through stories one-by-one and share with colleagues

News feeds and new product announcements are entirely free. Subscriptions can be purchased to premium content using iTunes from within the app. Premium content is updated every two months with each new issue. Back issues of premium content can also be purchased on a per-issue basis.
Bi-monthly subscription US$4.99
Annual subscription US$23.99
Single issue sale US$6.99

PRO Photographer is published in New Zealand by Kowhai Media Ltd, also the publisher of New Zealand Geographic. A kowhai (pronounced ko-fy in Maori) is a native tree with brilliant golden blooms that flowers in incandescent glory among the deep-green trees of New Zealand’s temperate rainforest. Similarly Kowhai Media seeks to be a stand-out example of quality, creativity and originality in digital publishing. See more at www.prophotographer.co.nz


PRO Photographer App Trial Offer


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