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Exhibition: Prison Obscura


Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Whitehead Campus Center, Haverford College, Haverford, PA

January 24 -March 7, 2014

Curated by Prison Photography editor Pete Brook, Prison Obscura presents rarely seen vernacular, surveillance, evidentiary, and prisoner-made photographs, shedding light on the prison industrial complex.  Why do tax-paying, prison-funding citizens rarely get the chance to see such images?  And what roles do these pictures play for those within the system?  With stark aesthetic detail and meticulous documentation, Prison Obscura builds the case that Americans must come face to face with these images and imaging technologies both to grasp the cancerous proliferation of the U.S. prison system and to connect with those it confines.

Additional Information is available here.

Prison Obscura illustration by Ellen Gould.



Exhibition: Prison Obscura


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  1. Pete Brook says

    Bob. The sincerest of thanks for spreading the word. Haverford’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery and I are hoping to travel the show, so if you know venues that would be interested, feel free to mention Prison Obscura again! Best, P.

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