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American Faces

The June 2007 issue of the Journal of American History includes a series of articles on the use of photographs in collective memory and historical scholarship. The issue, which is entitled American Faces, includes:

“Introduction,” by Donna Drucker and Edward Linenthal (pp. 97–8)

“Worth a Billion Words? Library of Congress Pictures Online,” by Barbara Orbach Natanson (pp. 99–111)

“Religious History and Visual Culture,” by Colleen McDannell (pp. 112–21)

“The Times Square Kiss: Iconic Photography and Civil Renewal in U.S. Public Culture,” by Robert Hariman and John Louis Lucaites (pp. 122–31)

“‘The Day in Its Color’,” by Eric Sandweiss (pp. 132–42)

“Visual Literacy by Michael Lesy,” (pp. 143–53)

“An American Atrocity: The My Lai Massacre Concretized in a Victim’s Face,” by Claude Cookman (pp. 154–62)

“Where Are Our Fathers?” by Ted Englemann (pp. 163–71)

“An Image from Oklahoma City,” by David Allen (pp. 172–78)

“Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing,” by Anthony Fernandez (pp. 179–82)

“The Public Face of 9/11: Memory and Portraiture in the Landscape,” by Jonathan Hyman (pp. 183–92)

“Image and Artifact: The Photograph as Evidence in the Digital Age,” by Martha A. Sandweiss (pp. 193–202)

Full texts (and images) are available online.


American Faces


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