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Sight Gag: An Age Old Argument


Credit: Adam Zyglis

Sight Gag is our weekly nod to the ironic, satiric, parodic, and carnivalesque performances that are an important part of a vibrant democratic public culture.  These “gags” may not always be funny or represent a familiar point of view, but they attempt to cut through the lies, hypocrisy, shamelessness, stupidity, complacency, and other vices of democratic life.  Of course, we invite you to comment … and to send us images that you think might deserve a laugh or at least a wry and rueful look by those who are thinking about the character of public life today.




Sight Gag: An Age Old Argument


4 Responses

  1. Stan B. says

    I remember a couple of winters ago a few Republican Congressman staged a snowball fight outside the Capitol building to “disprove” global warming- their uhhh… red necks were not to be seen anywhere outside the following hot as hell summer though…

  2. Joseph Smyth says

    Is the tetragonal snowflake intended to indicate pressure? Ordinary ice is hexagonal (six-fold symmetry). There are at least twelve different phases of water ice. Ice XII is tetragonal but only occurs at pressures above ~10 GPa (equivalent to 300 km depth in the Earth).

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