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Conference Paper Call: Visual Values

Of Aesthetics and Ethics:
A Conference on Visual Values

January 10-12, 2008

University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Registration: FREE


Deadline: November 1, 2007

Confirmed Professional Presenters Include:

Jay Maisel: Keynote Speaker and New York City Freelance Photographer
John Filo: CBS, Pulitzer Prize Winner for the Kent State Photograph
John Harte: Photographer, Bakersfield Sun
Janet Kestin: Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto
Creator, Dove Anti-Stereotype Advertising Campaign

This conference examines ethical questions regarding the expression of values in visual media presentations. Text and visual submissions are solicited that address topics including, but not limited to: stereotypes, manipulation, privacy, violence, journalistic stage management, infographics, graphic design, fair use, and persuasive visuals.

This is a juried competition. The top faculty submission will be published in the Visual Communication Quarterly. Award will also be given to the best student submission.

Submit One Identified and One Anonymous Version of your Work To:

Deni Elliott, Dept. of Journalism and Media Studies, USFSP,
140 7th Avenue S, FCT 204, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 or

Jurors and Organizers:

Deni Elliott: Poynter-Jamison Chair in Media Ethics and Press Policy, USFSP
Paul Martin Lester: Editor, Visual Communication Quarterly and Professor, California State University, Fullerton
Paul Wang: Assistant Professor of Visual Communication, Department of Journalism
and Media Studies, USFSP


Conference Paper Call: Visual Values


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