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Democratic Image Report

Democratic Image Report

You can download a report on The Democratic Image Symposium of 2007 here.

redeye.gifFrom Redeye, The Photography Network:

It will be essential reading for anyone concerned with the current popular explosion of photography, and its use as a social and political tool.

The report features an extended essay by John Perivolaris covering the major themes and speeches of the event, which was the centrepiece of Look 07 in April 2007.

It includes a summary of the blog essays written either side of the symposium, all of the links referred to at the conference, and a selection of the photographs shown.

You’re also able to read the original blog hosted by openDemocracy.

And, most importantly, contribute to further discussion on this report.

All contributions on the report, its themes, or the event itself are very much welcome.

A remarkable photographic event.” – Pedro Meyer, Founder of Zone Zero

“This symposium … has altered my ideas about contemporary photography.” – Professor Esther Leslie, University of London

Symposium contributors include Pedro Meyer, Bill Thompson, Suvendu Chatterjee, Celina Dunlop, Mark Sealy, Anna Blackman, Tiffany Fairey, Geert van Kesteren, Mark Haworth Booth, Marysa Dowling, Irene Lumley, Francis Hodgson, Sarah Fisher, Clare Grafik, Greg Hobson and Paul Herrmann.

Contributors to the blog also include David Levi Strauss, Esther Leslie, Giuseppe di Bella, Mark Fonseca Rendeiro, Mary Fitzpatrick, Eivind H. Natvig, and many others.


Democratic Image Report


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