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Photographer's Showcase: AMERIKA

Last month we introduced Tom White to the readers of NCN. Today we are pleased to announce a show that he has curated (along with Nico Silberfaden and Deirdre School) titled “AMERIKA, A Group Exhibition” that opens at the Bushwick Open Studies in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, June 6th 2008. The show includes the work of twenty four different photographers and speaks to the vexing question of American identity animated by what Ralph Ellison described as “the pathology of American democracy” and the discrepancies between our democratic ideals and social realities.

According to the catalog, “The photographers in this collection exemplify the cross cultural nature of America. While living here – whether American born, foreign immigrants or just passing through-each one represents a facet of htis diverse society and has a unique take on its culture. There is more than just a geographical link; each photograph in some way addresses the nature of American life. These pictures are grounded in a particular American reality, a ‘New Americana’ if you like…. If ‘America’ is the ideal, then ‘Amerika’ is the social reality.”

Click here or on the photograph above to see a sample slide show of the work in the exhibit.


Photographer's Showcase: AMERIKA


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