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100 Awesome Photo Sites

Kelly Sonora at artcareer.net recently notified us of a list of the “100 Awesome Niche Photo Sites You’ve Never Heard Of.” The categories include organizations, photojournalism, outdoor and travel, wedding, event, and portrait, fashion and commercial, science and medical, fine art, education, DIY, business, technique, Photoshop, resources, photography law, and gear.

Other lists at the site include 100 free, essential web tools for digital artists, 100 must-see art blogs of every form, and 100+ awesome open courseware links for artists.

And that leaves only the big question, what kind of image would be appropriate for this post? Unfortunately, Art Career has not yet compiled a list of 100 awesome photographs for announcements on No Caption Needed. So, let’s go with this:

Photograph by Marc Moritsch, from a display of “Patterns in Nature: Lava” at National Geographic.


100 Awesome Photo Sites


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  1. Meagan Chapman says

    I think that is an outstanding photograph for the post on this website! Not only is the contrast of color and the photograph itself beautiful but it is rhetorically significant as well. Meaning (at least for this website) is found in many different places and is constructed by the merging of different photographs, but the possibility of meaning is endless, it can come from anywhere and continue to flow and be created and go anywhere our minds take it. Lava is very similar in the sense that it can come from anywhere, often unknowingly, and go anywhere. In this picture we can see the lava flowing in a general direction but it weaves through cracks and flows where nature takes it. We do the same thing with rhetoric, often we’ll have a general idea of where we want to take the meaning of certain photographs but there are always other perspectives that get weaved in to create a long and winding flow of meaning. Lava is also a fairly unstoppable force, again similar to creation of meaning, rhetoric never completely stops and while certain objects may lay dormant for a few years there is always the possibility for them to become active again. Lava also consumes anything in it’s path and whatever it comes in contact with soon becomes a part of the lava. Rhetoric is capable of consuming anything to create meaning and can take a lot of objects that it encounters in order to create more meaning… I could probably continue this for a while, there is so much significance in this photograph.

    Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious here, but this is such a perfect photograph for a rhetorical website!

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