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Conference Paper Call: "Creative Industries"

Conference on Creative Industries

Algarve, Portugal, June 19-21, 2009

Call for Papers

The functionality of visual communication has been underestimated as photography and cartoons claimed artistic autonomy rather than being submissive to the explicit message to be conveyed. Commercials and pervasive messages in ideological campaigns are early adopters of visuals. Since 3D image spaces in Virtual Reality have been introduced it is a must to meet between scientific researchers, art directors, photographers and illustrators.

“Creative industries” is the epitome for critical applications like social software, gaming and cultural documentaries. This conference will open the landscape for those who bring overlooked messages from theory and practice and those who have the intuition that the visual languages prevail in attitudinal and affective communication. Multi cultural projects demand a high of sophistication in semiotic awareness.

Not at least we welcome media technologists who extent the conventions of images on the surface of the screen and are thrilled by 3D, tactile, haptic and immersive image “spaces”. The conference offers you a wide overview, exclusive demos and in-depth reflections. Besides Communication, the application domains are Educational, Corporate, Governmental, Medical, Military, Engineering, Commercials and Leisure.

A list of topics and of presentation formats is provided here:

All submissions, except invited talks, are subject to a blind refereeing process.

Important Dates:

– Submission deadline: 30 January 2009
– Notification to Authors: 6 March 2009
– Final Camera-Ready Submission and Early Registration: Until 6 April 2009
– Late Registration: After 6 April 2009
– Conference: Algarve, Portugal, 19 to 21 June 2009


Conference Paper Call: "Creative Industries"


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