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Photographer's Showcase: A Cinema of Possibility

This week we welcome Stefano Boscutti to NCN.  Stefano articulates photojournalism with the genre of the newsreel to create what he calls “a cinema of possibility” designed to animate our “moral imagination.”  To see him discuss his work you can click on this interview.  Otherwise, click here or on the picture below to view one of his contemporary “newsreels.”  For his daily archive  of newsreels click here.



Photographer's Showcase: A Cinema of Possibility


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  1. Pete Brook says

    Boscutti’s newsreels are insightful reflections on our collective and shallow consumption of image. He disengages with meaning, perhaps in a far more honest manner than that with which we interact with photojournalism each day. Context is definitely obscured … and therefore so too is meaning. It is good art, but a dangerous contribution to anything approaching coherence.

    But, who knows, perhaps, Boscutti will lead a global movement in shared visual experience. Language cannot be shared so easily so perhaps this the start of a worldwide movement toward a shared and simplified (mirage of) meaning?

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