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Announcement: Seminar on Visual Rhetoric and Public Culture


June 12-15, 2011/Wayne State University

with Professor John Louis Lucaites

Studies in visual rhetoric have rapidly expanded into a significant portion of rhetorical, critical, and cultural studies. The critique of visual texts – films, photographs, tattoos, bodies – has become a new focus for rhetorical analysis. This seminar will examine  various forms and theories of visual rhetoric in the context of public culture, ideology, and civic participation. How does “seeing” reflect and promote rhetorical practice and systems? How do images and iconic photographs teach ways to “see” and “be seen” as citizens in our liberal-democratic public culture? How do we negotiate power through performance of display, observation, and vision?

Application Deadline is March 15, 2011

All PhD students interested in being exposed to leading communication research and theory are encouraged to apply. Most expenses for accepted candidates will be paid by the Department of Communication at Wayne State University. Covered expenses include airfare, lodging & meals, and course materials. A welcoming reception and social events will give participants time to get to know each other and to discuss and exchange ideas. A small group of doctoral students from throughout the nation will be selected to join this unique program. Download the application form at www.comm.wayne.edu/summerseminar.php.


Announcement: Seminar on Visual Rhetoric and Public Culture


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