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Meltdown at NCN


Sorry, but we don’t have a regular post for today due to a bad combination of connectivity problems at one end and jet lag at the other.  If we were a high-tech industrial corporation, we’d blame it on unspecified “human error.”  If we were Fox News, we’d say it was Obama’s fault.  If we were the Japanese government, we would assure you that everything was under control.  But we are who we are, so we’ll let it be what it is: another sign of the impending collapse of civilization as we know it.  Have a nice day.


Meltdown at NCN


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  1. I like how you handled the issue of ‘perspective,’ regarding how Fox News and the Japanese government would have ‘captioned’ the event itself (telling us how we should view the circumstances, and the competencies of the people responsible–or held to be responsible).

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