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The Eyes of Carnival

“Carnival is a pageant without footlights and without a division into performers and spectators…. Eccentricity is [its] special category, organically connected with the category of familiar contact; it permits–in contcretely sensuous form–the latent sides of human to reveal and express themselves….[It] brings together, unifies, weds, and combines the sacred with the profane, the lofty with the low, the great with the insignificant, the wise with the stupid.”

                                  — Michael Bakhtin, Problems of Dostoevsky’s Poetics, 122-23

 Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 10.48.20 PM

Dancers of Carnival

Eyes of Carnival

Teeth of Carnival

Camera Carnival 2013-02-17 at 10.15.41 PM

Photo Credits:  Ricardo Moraes/Reuters – Images 1, 4, and 5; Luis Acosta/AFP/Getty Images; Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images;


The Eyes of Carnival


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