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Philosophy of Photography: The Journal


I don’t think we’ve mentioned this before, and it’s new enough to still be off the radar for many in both the professional and academic communities, so:

Philosophy of Photography is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the scholarly understanding of photography. It is not committed to any one notion of photography nor, indeed, to any particular philosophical approach. The purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for debate on theoretical issues arising from the historical, political, cultural, scientific and critical matrix of ideas, practices and techniques that may be said to constitute photography as a multifaceted form. In a contemporary context remarkable for its diversity and rate of change, the conjunction of the terms ‘philosophy’ and ‘photography’ in the journal’s title is intended to act as a provocation to serious reflection on the ways in which existing and emergent photographic discourses might engage with and inform each other.

The publisher’s web page for the journal, along with the table of contents for the current issue, is hereIntellect publishers focus on cultural and media studies, film studies, visual arts, and the performing arts.


Philosophy of Photography: The Journal


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