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Photograph by Peter Turnley/Corbis. Jan.18,2009.
Reverend Clifton Phillips Mandrane, 79. born in Harlem led a group of African-American passengers on a bus trip to DC from Brooklyn in prayer before the trip. He was in jail in 1962 in Albany, Georgia for protesting without a permit. He was jailed with Dr. King for six days with no food, ÒThis trip is a fulfillment of time. I believe that Americans have achieved the goal of liberty and freedom for all. I couldnÕt attend Dr. Kings speech and the million man march-this is a great opportunity because I am aging. I used to have to ride the back of the bus-but we fought it through protest and the courts-this is about change. Today the battlefield of the civil rights movement is in the public schools. If we donÕt help young people-we wonÕt have future leaders. Justice for all-that is what democracy is!Ó




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