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Nocaptionneeded.com Turns Three

This week nocaptionneeded.com celebrates its third birthday.

Three birthday candles

As we did last year, this is a time to say “Thanks” and to take stock.  Thanks to all our readers, and not least to those who comment on the posts.  If anyone would like to give us any advice about the blog itself, now is a good time to do it.  We can’t say we’ll follow that advice, especially given our limited resources, but it always is appreciated and sometimes one thing can lead to another.  You can comment below or email us at rhariman@gmail.com and lucaites@indiana.edu.

A big party is not in the works–living large is so last year–but we will take two weeks off from posting to get caught up on some other work.  We’ll continue to read our mail, however, and hope that you’ll be back on July 7 as we start another year at NCN.


Nocaptionneeded.com Turns Three


6 Responses

  1. brendadada says

    Congratulations John and Robert (and all your esteemed guests) on three very interesting years. It’s a work much appreciated, by me at least, and long may you continue.

  2. Dave McLane says

    I’m a newcomer to this site but something that I look forward to each day along with BAGnews and Seth Grodin’s blog for thoughts and ideas to live by. Wonderful! Thanks for your time and energy!

    No advice intended, but I’ve been studying Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and the form he uses to put together so many of the bits and pieces of wisdom I’ve come across. By “study” I mean reading three times, first to get a general idea, second to line-mark the important parts, the third to make sure I got it. What stands out are all the 25-words-or-less aphorisms such as “You can’t talk your way out of problems you behave yourself into.”

    Since No Caption Needed already has a title and a long and interesting take, I wonder if such aphorisms would help people remember the point. NOT because the original image needs a caption, but because I’m of the opinion that something special happens when we get information on two channels: images and words. And in a similar fashion something special happens when we get information as both complex dissertations and aphorisms.

  3. David Sutton says

    Wonderful. It seems like just yesterday your book still had that new-book smell.

    I think the frequency of your posts and the length make the quite digestible and readable. The content is always thought-provoking and I for one appreciate your dedication. I wish I could offer some thoughtful criticism, but I do like your blog just the way it is.

  4. Rhys says

    No suggestions at the moment, I think you should definitely keep the current design. Its simplicity showcases the images so well. Keep up the good work & happy birthday!

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